We're a team of doers. Two mexicans who decided to leave everything to go out and explore the world.

Alejandra Ballesteros

Graphic designer, creative, cheese lover and faithful believer of enjoying the randomness of life.
In addition, she loves illustration as much she loves tropical life.

Jesus Lopez 

Music addict, designer and creative. He found his passion in experimental typography and crushing design rules to get cool results. He also fell in love with pizza since he was 3 years old. 




What do you offer?

Our designing skills and creativity.
We can help you with: illustration, visual identity, infographics, web design, icon design, media content, art direction and concept development.

What can I offer you in exchange ?

A good meal, lodging (it's always cool to have someplace to sleep), airplane tickets, tours, transportation to travel around the city, haircuts, souvenirs ... Be creative! 

What can I expect from you?

We really love what we do, we put all our hearts in every project.
Our aim is to make meaningful designs with high artistic aesthetics.

Why don’t you want my money?

We believe that the most wonderful things in life are not about the money
We value your project as much as ours, that’s why an exchange seems as a fair way to do it.

Why are you traveling around?

To demonstrate that it’s possible to collaborate and trust others regardless of their culture or language… and also because it’s fun.

Why did you decide to leave everything?

We were tired of watching the time go by while we just waited for our next paycheck.
So we decided to  do something about it.

I don’t own a big business,  can I still make an exchange with you?

Of course you do!
It doesn't matter if you only need some business cards.
We will be happy to help you.

Where are you from?

We are from Mexico. One of us used to live in Mexico city and the other one in Cancun. Can you guess who?

How can I do an exchange with you ?

Just contact us! We would love to hear from you.

Do you like pizza ?

Yes! We are in love with pizza. The extra cheese seduce us.

What places are you planning to visit ?

Any place we are invited to …